Compañía Química Industrial S.R.L.

logo_adornoCompañía Química Industrial S.R.L. (COQUIN) was founded in 1981. In its beginnings COQUIN focused mainly on the import and commercialization of industrial chemicals.

Today COQUIN has over 30 years serving the Peruvian market with high quality products for the major companies in sectors such as Food Processing, Mining, Pyrotechnics, Textiles and others. We are dedicated to develop COQUIN to become a leader in its area and we work daily and exceed our clients expectations.


We are a company dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of industrial products, with a team of highly motivated professionals, committed to set new standards of excellence in client satisfaction.

We want to achieve new levels of success in each business area we serve, in order to benefit our clients, our team and our shareholders.


To be a leader in all business segments that COQUIN is engaged in.




SQM in Peru

Compañía Química Industrial S.R.L. is distributor of SQM in Perú for the Industrial Sector.

When it comes Nitrate, Potassium Chloride, Boric Acid and Magnesium Chloride, SQM has proven to be a reliable and committed supplier.

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Metapol in Peru

Compañía Química Industrial S.R.L. represents Metapol in Peru. A Brand recognized in the development and manufacture of Metallic Pigments for many fields and Industry.

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Products for Mirrors, Glass and Frames Industry

  • Industrial alcohol
  • Shellacpowder
  • Shellacflakes
  • Minium
  • Ochre
  • BronzePowder – Pale gold
  • Bronzepowder – Duchygold
  • Bronzepowder – Lemongold
  • Caustic soda
  • Others…

Products for Water Treatment

  • Bentonite
  • Calciumhypochlorite 70%
  • Caustic soda
  • Aluminium sulfate “A”
  • Coppersulphate
  • Others…

Products for Food Industry

  • Lacticacid
  • Ascorbicacid
  • Aceticacid
  • Citricacid
  • Phosphoricacid
  • Sodiumbicarbonate
  • Sodiumbenzoate
  • Calciumchloride
  • Sodiummetabisulfite
  • Potassiummetabisulfite
  • Caustic soda micropearls
  • Potassiumsorbate
  • Aluminum sulfate “A”
  • Sodiumnitrite
  • Pigment red bordeaux
  • Pigment red raspberry
  • Pigment red strawberry
  • Others…

Chemical Products Industrial Grade

  • Aluminiumpigments
  • Strontium carbonate
  • Strontiumnitrate
  • Potassiumnitrate
  • Bariumnitrate
  • Sodiumnitrate
  • Potassiumchlorate
  • Potassiumperchlorate
  • Red copper oxide
  • Black coper oxide
  • Sodiumoxalate
  • Sulfurpowder
  • Bariumchlorate
  • Shellac
  • Sodiccryolite
  • Dextrin
  • Others…

Metallic Industrial Pigments for Paint; Coating and Inks Applications

I) Bronze Types:

  • Bronze powder: CUBRIO line
  • Colored: CUBRIO line
  • Bronze Paste solvent and oil base
  • Bronze Paste water base

II) Aluminum Types:

  • Pigments solvent base – leafing and non leafing.
  • Pastesolvent base – leafing and non leafing.
  • Pellets
  • Powder
  • Paste water base
  • Paste specialties leafing and non leafing
  • Paste with additives
  • Granulates




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  • Central Office: Av. De Las Américas 256, Balconcillo, La Victoria. Lima – Perú
  • 265-3000 | 472-5976 | 471-9219

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